Journal of Critical Issues in Educational Practice


Bereavement, death, grief, drug overdose, drug poisoning, service learning, narrative counseling, legacy, stories, museum.


Abstract: The INTO LIGHT California project created a venue to rescue the living stories of those who died from drug overdose and poisonings through interviews, portraiture, a museum exhibition and community involvement to reduce the impact of the silencing stigma of substance abuse. In partnership with two separate university programs alongside a not-for-profit national organization, the project created opportunities for forty bereaved family to be interviewed by graduate counseling students using innovative narrative counseling practices to shine light on deaths that are often relegated to the shadows of grief.

Author Statement

Lorraine Hedtke, MSW, ACSW, Phd is a professor in the counseling program in the Watson College of Education at CSUSB. She teaches, researches, and writes about innovative practices of grief counseling, born out of narrative counseling and remembering practices.

Arianna Huhn, Phd is a professor of Anthropology and the Director of the CSUSB Anthropology Museum. She has a particular commitment to community-centered museum work, and using exhibitions to uplift hidden stories and promote social justice.