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This project was designed to investigate student opinions on the importance of faculty diversity. Results from the faculty investigation indicated that 27% of the respondents were not ‘did not know’ if faculty diversity initiatives would benefit student outcomes (Rawls, 2020). In analyzing stakeholder power and influence, the natural next step was to identify student thoughts on the subject.

A preliminary 16-item survey was distributed to undergraduate students in an Organizational Behavior and Management Theory course group. Three sections of this course with approximately 75 students enrolled were asked to take the survey and offer feedback on the items in development of a survey to be more widely distributed. Sixty anonymous students responded to the survey. The data from the distribution of this survey is not for publication but for the design of a student opinion on faculty diversification instrument.

The initial survey asked six demographic items, two open ended items, and eight (5-point) Likert-scale items. Student feedback indicated that while they were able to answer the open-ended items with a fascinating specificity in approximately 94% of the responses, the students did not prefer answering the open-ended items. Upon analysis of the open-ended data, two of the three items will be reinstated in order to be compared to faculty data collected regarding student outcomes and organizational reputation.