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Winter 2-28-2020




Students at CSUSB will be required to take two courses designated as writing intensive (WI) after the quarter-to-semester (Q2S) transition in Fall 2020. Having WI courses in the Biology major will allow Biology students to satisfy the WI requirement and a major requirement/elective with one course, and having WI course in the major will help students develop discipline-specific critical thinking and writing skills. The current upper-division Microbiology course involves a significant amount of writing. Here I present plans for augmentation and modification of the writing activities and assignments in this Microbiology course associated with Q2S to potentially fulfill the WI requirements. These plans include better scaffolding of major writing assignments, writing in different genres appropriate to the discipline, and allowing more opportunities for feedback and revision of student writing such as peer review of first drafts.


This is being submitted in association with an ISSUES-X mini-FLC on developing writing intensive courses. The poster will be presented on Feb 28th. If possible, I would like to receive the funds for participation as professional development. As part of the instructions for submission, I was instructed to "select "Q2S-EP" as the “department” on the Q2S Enhancing Pedagogy submission page." I was not able to select Q2S-EP on the pulldown menu, so I just selected "Biology", my home department.