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This paper describes what I did for the project-based learning project and what I learned from the experience. The course in which I implemented project-based learning was ETEC544 Design and Develop Instructional Material during Winter 2019. One of the ten course objectives, “Collaborate successfully on an instructional or training project with a team,” aligned with the project-based learning. To accomplish the objective, students went through the process: (1) Identify a problem/challenge of a professional setting they were familiar with; (2) Propose a possible solution using technology; (3) Apply instructional design principles/models to a project including technology; (4) Develop the project (instructional or informational material); (5) Conduct usability testing on the team project; (6) Conduct peer critique. At the beginning of the quarter, students were informed of the expectations (acceptable and unacceptable team collaboration) and project evaluation (product itself, peer evaluation, and individual Q&A). The course evaluation and student reflection paper indicated the success of the project-based learning implementation.