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Students are getting lost in University advising structure. Their needs are not being recognized by their faculty or professional advisors. A simple, easy-to-create personal web page completed during “first contact” sessions is a High Impact Practice that will create a bond between student and Faculty/Advisor and by extension the University. We hypothesize that a student-created profile page will provide academic advisors a much clearer snapshot of the student resulting in more informed advising and better student retention.

The student personal profile page consists of three sections and can be completed by the student in approximately 10 minutes. The profile is designed to be visual, consisting of mostly photographs, the majority of which the student has on their personal phone. The key aspect of the page being quick creation by the student and quick read by the advisor.

The Student Personal Profile Page has three sections, the first two sections give the student an opportunity to tell, and show, faculty and advisors a bit about their history or what is commonly referred to as their “backstory”. The third section allows the student to make connections into the University community. Together the page is a student-curated short story of their life which includes personal history, goals, aspirations and sense of belonging to the University.

(The project was conceived originally as an e-portfolio project, it was quickly discovered that vendor-imposed cost and limitation made the e-portfolio a less-than-ideal platform for this project.)