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Lesson/Unit Plans and Activities

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Spring 5-29-2020


Theatre Arts


This reflection is based on an educational assignment from my Intro to Theatre Arts course at California State University, San Bernardino, May 2019.

Providing students guidance when taking on a new assignment is essential. This direction may be achieved through a variety of sources: lectures, videos, examples of past students work, rubrics etc.

One approach, which may benefit the learner in the immediate and have a lasting impression, is teaching students to use the grading tool at hand (rubric/checklist) to improve assignments.

Following an example you have provided, the instructor will work with their students to use either a checklist or rubric to further a current or future assignment. The goal is to have a solid place to start. Having structure and guideposts, allows the learner to understand what a successful assignment looks like. Now they can take the necessary steps to build their own.