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Lesson/Unit Plans and Activities

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Spring 5-19-2020




There is a new and emerging approach to healthcare which is gaining momentum. It is called Precision Health (PH). This approach promises to maximize the benefits of medical interventions for an individual patient to achieve a more precise and safe care. In contrast to providing standardized care protocols (set of medical orders for a patient complaint, e.g. stroke procedures), which is outdated, this new treatment approach uses advances in scientific and technological innovations in patient care. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2019) calls on educators to integrate Precision Health in nursing curricula. The Department of Nursing at California State University, San Bernardino acknowledges and supports this national movement by incorporating PH into the BSN curriculum to ensure future nurses are able to provide highly-individualized care. The DON Curriculum Committee recently approved the infusion of curriculum threads relevant to PH in six courses across the BSN plan of study. The course, NURS 2602: Foundational Concepts, a preliminary subject in the BSN program, is one of the courses chosen to illustrate that fundamental concepts of that will help scaffold student learning in subsequent courses.


Digital Storytelling, a high impact teaching practice that uses multimedia, movies, videos, animation, and narration to convey a subject will be used to illustrate Precision Health or PH (Price, 2019). Since the emerging concept and innovations of PH are not visible in text print, online materials will be sought. The digital world can offer an innovative, and cost-effective strategy in presenting the PH concepts to students. Digital storytelling will be used to share multimedia amongst students to illustrate concepts of PH.