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Course Outline / Syllabus

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Spring 4-3-2020


Health Science and Human Ecology


Project: To Design, Develop and align my Online Course, to meet CSUSB General Learning Outcomes (GLOs), Program (Department) Learning Outcomes (PLOs), Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs), and Module Learning Outcomes (MLOs) for meeting our Student learning Outcomes (SLOs). Resources used, Academic Technologies & Innovations’ (ATI’s) Course Alignment and Development Worksheet, and Cal State University’s’ (CSU’s), Quality Learning &Teaching (QLT) and Quality Matters (QM) Objectives (Instrument/table). Product: My NSCI 351, Health & Human Ecology, was designed for both the Quarter and Semester Systems; using Modules (MLOs), aligned with the Course (CLO), and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for each of my ten (10) modules. The Activities were aligned with GLOs, CLOs, MLOs and SLOs, to be integrative, meaningful, stimulating students’ thoughtful analysis, which is relevant to each student’s learning experience. My goal for teaching effectiveness; to design each module that build on learning, using many pedagogies which lead to student’s growth and understanding of our place in the World. My teaching strategies are student-centered, culturally aware, and globally minded.