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As a group, we hope through this FLC project to develop a course that promotes departmental SLOs, as well as University learning outcomes for a writing-intensive course. We focused on our new foundational course (MATH 3100 Mathematical Thinking: Communication and Proof). This course, designated as a writing-intensive course, introduces students to disciplinary ways of thinking and communicating in mathematics with emphasis on the construction of valid mathematical arguments, critiques of arguments, and structure of professional mathematical writing including typesetting. We would like to develop a library of useful materials that faculty members can adapt in their classrooms in order to increase Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) practices. Effective materials could be then contributed to the library.

We include a sample syllabus with an outline of topics and subtopics to include in the course. The syllabus is written in a student-centered format and includes opportunities for students to be active participants in the classroom.

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