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Spring 4-20-2020




This is a collection of ACUE (Association of Colleges and University Educators) implementation and reflection assignments. The Teaching Resource Center partnered with ACUE and the corresponding modules were offered to a set of accepted instructors at CSUSB. These assignments focused on teaching practices designed to enhance the learning experience for both on-ground and online instruction.

CSUSB – CNS – Department of Nursing Full-time Lecturer, Nancy Wolf, completed a 25-module course in effective teaching practices requiring the implementation of evidence-based instructional approaches. The credential is co-issued by the American Council on Education and distinguishes faculty for their commitment to educational excellence and student success. The certificate is in Effective Instruction Effective Teaching Practices: Cohort B, fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Association of College and University Educators. April 16, 2020

The attached assignments include reflections from the following modules

Preparing an effective Syllabus (1D)

Developing and Using Rubrics and Checklists (5B)

Using Student Achievement and Feedback to Improve Teaching (5 E)

Using Concept Maps (ACUE Module 4B)

Planning and Effective Class Session (ACUE Module 1E)

Delivering and Effective Lecture (ACUE Module 3C)

Leading the First Day of Class: (ACUE Module 2 A)

Connecting with Students (ACUE Module 2C)

Teaching Powerful Note Taking Skills (ACUE Module 4C)

Promoting A Civil Learning Environment (ACUE Module 2B)

Engaging Underprepared Students (ACUE Module 2E)

Motivating Your Students (ACUE Module 2D)

Checking for Understanding (ACUE Module 5 D)

Developing Fair, Consistent and Transparent Grading Practices (ACUE Module 5 A)

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