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Title: ACUE Online Course in Effective Teaching Practices

Description: The Association of College and University Educators’ (ACUE’s) online course in Effective Teaching Practices ensures that faculty learn about—and implement—the approaches that improve engagement and persistence and promote deeper learning. This 25-module course concentrates on teaching practices effective in face-to-face instruction. Comprehensive in scope and organized around five units of study, faculty members learn together in cohorts and implement approaches to (1) design an effective course and class, (2) establish a productive learning environment, (3) use active learning techniques, (4) promote higher order thinking, and (5) assess in ways that inform instruction and promote deeper levels of learning. This course leads to a Certificate in Effective Instruction which is co-endorsed by ACUE and the American Council on Education (ACE). Each of the 25 modules takes 3+ hours to complete. To complete each module, faculty learn about a new practice, watch, evaluate and discuss examples of instructors demonstrating an emerging practice, choose and implement one or more of the practices from the model in their course, and write up a reflection that is scored by a nationally-normed rater to meet or exceed expectations. Within the course Quality Matters certified course, faculty encounter over 200 evidence based approached to teaching backed by over 350 relevant citations. They also watch and critique authentic teaching demonstrations from 50 faculty at institutions nationwide as part of 180 instructional videos.