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Journal Article

Publication Date

Spring 3-24-2020




In this syllabus, project-based learning (PBL) was integrated and implemented in physical education teacher education course (KINE473). Students were guided to choose a project that promotes physical activity and meets learning outcomes required by national and state standards for K-12 physical education. As learning outcomes for the project-based learning (PBL), students in a group of 3-4 planned and produced a video clip that could be used for physical education classes with minimum and limited equipment, which could solve current issues facing with physical education classes, such as school finance, space limitation, and limited resources to teach physical activity. An example of the PBL presented in class can be found at All students in class agreed and signed on consent form and media release form to be used for public. The PBL helped students (1) find issues in physical education classes in public, (2) solve issues using physical activities with minimum equipment, (3) incorporating learning domains in physical education (i.e., affective, cognitive, and psychomotor), (4) understand and apply national and state standards for physical education in K-12 and and (5) produce promotional and educational media resources that could be used for physical education and physical activities.