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This is a syllabus for an Environmental Exercise Physiology course. In the course, students will explore the acute and chronic physiological responses to exercise in different physical environments as well as injuries and illnesses related to exercising in environmental extremes. Students should have completed prerequisite courses in anatomy, physiology, and exercise physiology prior to taking this course as the nature of the content depends on having a foundation in those prior courses. Topics that will be covered in this class include: heat stress and hydration strategies for exercise; cold air exposure, cold water immersion, and diving and hyperbaric physiology; training, performing, and mountaineering at moderate and high altitudes; effects of microgravity and spaceflight; exercise in polluted environments; and effects of chrono-biological rhythms. A textbook will be used as a guiding framework for these topics. Course activities will include quizzes, exams, and a practical application project such as a presentation or field trip.