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Winter 3-1-2020




It is nine o’clock in the morning in my “Intro to Music Education” classroom. The students enter the class room and begin to almost immediately begin debating important current trends in music education. Topics range from making sure music classrooms utilize a diverse range of repertoire (music) and literature; to LGBTQ+ students in the classroom; to teaching music to students with special needs; to the efficient use of technology in the music classroom. This is not your typical “sage from the stage” lecture. These students are actively participating and engaged from the moment class begins, and as the class continues, are engaged in the topics to be discussed at hand.

In this case study, I show how a student centered web-based learning theory known as “Just-In-Time Teaching” (JiTT) can help increase student engagement, preparation, and facilitate student learning with active classroom discussions and feedback from the teacher.