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Lesson/Unit Plans and Activities

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Winter 2-29-2020


World Languages and Literatures


The purpose of this project is to create useful and effective worksheets to accord with the current textbook (Genki I, published by the Japan Times) in the aim of enhancing Japanese language learners’ communicative and reading skills. Therefore, this project includes the following worksheets in learning Japanese language in accord with the current textbook, Genki I (2nd edition) to enhance communicative and reading practice. This package includes the following: 1) worksheet; 2) worksheet answers; 3) vocabulary worksheet; 4) three PowerPoints with voice recorded; 5) reading supplement- PowerPoint with vocabulary and sentence practice; 6) reading supplement with auditory aid; 7) reading with romaji (alphabets) and English translation


PowerPoints are available on additional files.

WS_L-3.doc (104 kB)
Worksheet : Lesson 3

WS_L-3_Answers.doc (111 kB)
Worksheet answers: Lesson 3

VWS_Lesson 3.doc (63 kB)
Vocabulary worksheet: Lesson 3

PPT-1_L-3_1_verbs.ppt (6366 kB)
PowerPoint 1: L-3-1

PPT-2_L-3_2_TimeRef&Invitation.ppt (10203 kB)
PowerPoint 2: L-3-2

PPT-3_L-3_3_Frequency.ppt (6819 kB)
PowerPoint 3: L-3-3

Reading_L-3_vocabulary with kanji.ppt (1734 kB)
Reading: PPT - Vocabulary (L-3)

Reading_L-3_ Auditory.ppt (465 kB)
Reading: Auditory (L-3)

Reading_Lesson 3 with romaji and translation.doc (36 kB)
Reading: romaji/alphabets & translation (L-3)

PPT-1_L-3_1_verbs.ppt (6366 kB)