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  • Information about the Psychology Student Research Jounral p.1
  • Letter from the Journal President p.2
    Ryan L. Radmall
  • Letter from the Editor-in-Chief p.3
    Erin M. Alderson
  • Leaving a Legacy of Research: A Brief Biography and Interview with Dean Jeffrey Thompson p.4
  • The Salience of Weight Discrimination: Perceived Weight Stigma Predicts Decreased Inhibitory Control and Increased Calorie Selection in Overweight Individuals p.6
    Ashley M. Araiza and Joseph D. Wellman, PH. D.
  • Measuring Metacognition: A Comparative Validity Study of the Learning Strategies and Self-Awareness Assessment p.15
    Ryan L. Radmall
  • 2015- 2016 Department of Psychology Colloquium Series p.24
  • Effects of Repeated Paroxetine Exposure on Acoustic Startle in Adolescent Rats p.26
    Erin Alderson and Cynthia A. Crawford Ph.D.
  • Religiosity, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in European and Hispanic Americans p.36
    Jennifer Marie Popoff
  • Book Reviews p.49
    Dr. Kelly Campbell, Dr.John Clapper, Dr.Ismael Diaz
  • The Relationship Between the Willingness to Work Hard and Career Intentions Among College Students p.51
    Daniell J. Study
  • Alignability and Distinctive Features in Free Categorization p.59
    Timothy Meyer
  • The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Writing Lab p.71
    An interview with writing lab tutor Timothy Meyer
  • The Effects of Shame and Self-Blame on Disclosure in Survivors of Sexual Assault p.74
    Monica E. Aguilar
  • Doctoral Students from the Class of 2015-2016 p.82
  • Special Thanks to Reviewers and Contributors p.83