OSR Journal of Student Research

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The Impact of Racism on Mental and Physical Health


Linda Phan


The apartheid past is still a very sensitive topic for some of the people of South Africa. This era was not something of significance but that of resentment. Segregation was now made part of the law and touched every aspect of social life. Hostile and brutal tactics were used to separate people and to punish those who fought against it. People of South Africa had lost hope, considering that other countries were moving away from racist policies, apartheid had made its way to the top. This research project will examine the impact of racism on mental and physical health. Further examination of this trend will be collected across racial groups and across the country from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Many people have witnessed and experienced acts of racism, whether it is acknowledged or not. A person can actively make blatant comments and intentionally attacking those of the inferior race. While another person can passively laugh at jokes or jokingly make racial comments without realizing what they are doing. Some people will even believe that racism is the thing of the past and that it doesn’t exist anymore. Unfortunately, there are people out there who reap the benefits of white privilege and not even know it, while a person of color suffers from the high cost of racism. The purpose of this study is to identify the cost of racism on mental and physical health and what can be done to prevent it from causing further damage.

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