OSR Journal of Student Research

Article Title

Association Between Instagram Use and Depression Among Latina College Students


Marisa McCoy


The purpose of our study is to examine variables that mediate between Instagram and depressive symptomology. We hypothesized, heavy Instagram use would lead to higher feelings of envy than those who were light Instagram users. Our second hypothesis is those with high levels of envy would report more depressive symptoms than those with low levels of envy. Our third hypothesis is that fewer hours of sleep would lead to higher depressive symptoms than those with more hours of sleep a night. Our fourth hypothesis is those with a lower GPA would report more depressive symptoms than those with a higher GPA. There were 125 participants consisting of Latina women selected from a Southern California university. The data supported that the effect of Instagram use on depression is mediated by envy. We found that high levels of envy, fewer hours of sleep, and low GPA were correlated to symptoms of depression.

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