OSR Journal of Student Research

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The Impact of Employment Status on Depression: An Examination of Racial Differences


Kristof Csaba


Unemployment is a serious international issue. South Africa, in particular, has among the world’s highest unemployment rate at 27.7% overall (Moya, 2018). Rates vary by ethnic group with 30-40% for Black citizens, 22% for Colored/mixed race individuals, and 8% for White residents. In South Africa, unemployment has been linked to adverse outcomes including depression (Tomlinson, 2009). Another major issue impacting depression in this country is racism. Apartheid, which legally sanctioned racism, ended in 1990, yet racism continues to dramatically influence the health and well-being of South African residents, particularly those who identify as Black and Colored. According to one survey, the belief that relations between racial groups are improving is declining and social and geographic divisions persist (Smith, 2009). The purpose of this project is to examine the impact of employment status on mental health and to further examine the moderating influence of race in this association.

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