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Role of International Community to Address Rohingya Refugee Issue


The current refugee crisis in Bangladesh is a result of the crisis in Myanmar, driven by conflict, is a pressing global humanitarian issue that has not yet been addressed effectively in international politics. While this crisis is currently one of the worst in the world at this moment, Bangladesh Government and non-government agencies are struggling to keep up with the demand. As a result, the various international and domestic agencies are facing challenges in trying to work together are not entirely unique. The research project will concentrate on finding a legal framework for the required intervention for the international community to address the refugee issue like Rohingya in Bangladesh. The research project promotes a healthy environment for dialogue among policymakers, legal practitioners, international communities, and NGO-stakeholders. Information gathering workshop & policy advocacy meeting will interconnect legal practitioners, policymakers, and 73 5th Annual Student Research Symposium Meeting of the Minds Event Program international community leaders at the national and international level, and thus, continue to generate enhanced and greater recognition of refugee crisis in Bangladesh to international communities. Enabling broad engagement of media and public officials though visibility programs will foster informed discussions and action on key Rohingya issues. Again, the development of a dedicated website, documentary and continuous blog writing regarding Rohingya issue will provide a strong virtual platform for refugee issues. In the long term, these efforts will contribute to greater stakeholder confidence and enhanced multiple-way communication create strong demand for information on international community’s policies and practices to adopt and facilitate broader stakeholder engagement in providing a legal framework for resolving refugee issues.

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