OSR Journal of Student Research

Volume 1

Dear Readers: It is with great pleasure that the members of the CSUSB Editorial Board introduce the Inaugural Volume, Spring 2013 of the OSR Journal of Student Research. In this volume, we present the research of six talented students at CSUSB, the proceedings from the 2nd Annual Student Symposium “Meeting of the Minds” and the 27th Annual Student Research Competition. As we grow, we hope to gradually include useful information for our readers and showcase the abilities and successes of all students, for the enhancement of their education, careers, and lives. The mission of the OSR Journal of Student Research is to serve as an online-centralized peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal to advance theory and practice related to all forms of research and creative activities. Our goal is to provide an outlet for students to publish their research and creative activities and to promote the conduction of research. We hope this publication serves as an open door for our fellow students to pursue future academic opportunities and to present to the campus community the exceptional work being performed. This compilation of research is not only the result of students’ hard work, but the willingness of our faculty to mentor students through the process of conducting research. We hope you appreciate the value of our journal and support our on-going efforts to publish student research and creative activities in future volumes. If you wish to obtain a copy of this volume, are enthusiastic about joining the staff at OSR Journal of Student Research, or want to submit a manuscript for review, please email us at osrjournal@gmail.com.


Ryan Goble Shun-Ju Ho Christopher Plant Aj Hernandez Audrey Hovannesian Geneva Marshall Danielle White