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Hispanic Serving Institutions, first-generation students, information literacy instruction, culturally responsive teaching


Colleges and universities designated as Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) struggle to demonstrate 'servingness' within the existing structures of higher education. Librarians welcoming and engaging first generation students can integrate Garcia's multidimensional framework for "servingness" into information literacy instruction by focusing on culturally relevant pedagogy as a structure for serving students. This workshop will explore instruction aimed towards first-generation graduate students at HSIs, focusing on characteristics such as social capital. Presenters will discuss specific research-based instructional strategies such as high impact practices and leave attendees equipped with tools to promote action.

Participants will be able to:
1. understand the characteristics of Hispanic Serving Institutions and the multidimensional model of "servingness."
2. adapt strategies discussed to enhance information literacy instruction for all students, particularly graduate students from historically marginalized groups.


Presented at the LOEX Fall Focus 2023 conference (November 13-15, 2023).