Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) Video Recordings

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Video recording of the “Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Cultural Citizenship: Challenges for Transformation” panel discussion.


Colleges and universities designated as Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI), with at least 25% of the students identifying as Hispanic, are poised to rigorously address complex and multifaceted social issues as they apply to the growing demographic. Hispanic students and faculty at HSI designated institutions have been and, with increased support, can engage in front line struggles to increase Hispanic student success.

However, while the HSI designation plays a significant role in the historical trajectory of Hispanic education in the U.S., educators and policy-makers are troubled by the dismal success rate of this ethnographic populace in education, ranging from disproportionate high school “push out” rates through low college graduation rates and even into the professoriate, with less than four percent of doctoral degrees being awarded to Hispanics. The practice of privileging HSI designated colleges and universities with additional competitive-grant funding begs the question: how do these practices serve Hispanics in and out of higher education institutions?

The HSI designation was created to compensate for existing educational disparities and recognize the educational achievement gaps of Hispanics. Educational inequality is a legacy of unfair practices such as unequal educational funding, unfair housing practices, and employment discrimination. The HSI designation is a call to action, it is not exclusively summoning Hispanics, it is a notice to higher education institutions. HSIs should bear a message and a mandate, a directive of inclusivity, of collectivity, of integration, representation, and accountability.


  • Introduction: Stephen Villaseñor, Director of Upward Bound, CSUSB
  • Panelists: Erica Romero, Executive Director of Western States Legislative Affairs, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU); Dr. Hermán García, Regents Professor, College of Education, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces; Dr. Rudolfo Chávez Chávez, Regents Professor, College of Education, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces; Deborah A. Santiago, Vice President of Policy and Research for ¡Excelencia in Education!
  • Moderator: Daniel Loera, Multicultural Affairs Director, University of La Verne, and President, Southern California Consortium of Hispanic Serving Institutions
  • Red Carpet Hosts: Maribel Aragon and Aaron Sanchez