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Video recording of “Cafecito Con…Entre Mujeres: Dance Film, and on the Teaching of Mexican Foklorico, with Folklorista Rayven Armijo” (Season 2).


Rayven Armijo, a dancer. choreographer, folklorista, role model, and founder of Las Mijas shares some of her experiences and thoughts on teaching Mexican Folklorico at various schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. She relays stories about how some students aren't always open to that - Mexican Folklorico.

She shares a “dance film” produced in affiliation with SPARC, a Los Angeles-based visual arts organization, and filmed at one particular Continuing School in Venice, California named Phoenix High School. She asks the students to think about “Dance, Film, and Movement”; and prompts them to express the differences in their experience attending a continuation school.

The dance film she introduces is a story of conflict, but where students are allowed to express their story through Folklorico.


  • Co-Hosts: Delila A. Vasquez, M.A., Founder, Producer & Co-Host (she, her, ella); Rosa Martin Muñoz, Communications Director & Co-Host; Stephanie Montoya, Show Engineer & Co-Host
  • Interviewee: Rayven Armijo, Folklorista and founder of Las Mijas