Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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This study aims to examine the influence of digital competencies and awareness of digital capabilities on digital entrepreneurial drive in the pre-startup stages of hi-tech businesses. Based on primary data from a sample of 357 respondents, we tested the hypothesized relationships for direct and interactive effects on digital entrepreneurial drive. Our results show that digital competencies and awareness of digital capabilities influence entrepreneurial aspiration and commitment in the pre-startup phase. We use the digital entrepreneurship framework by Recker and von Briel (2019) as the theoretical foundation and demonstrate a novel approach to expand the dimensions of digital enabler, digital outcome, and digital context for further research. We provide unique insights to researchers and practitioners of digital entrepreneurship regarding conceptualizing digital capabilities along with digital competencies. In addition to possessing digital competencies, budding entrepreneurs need to develop a keen awareness of digital capabilities to understand the changing dynamics of the entrepreneurial landscape.