Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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In this study, we analyze the aspect ratings and overall ratings of chain restaurants retrieved from the TripAdvisor multi-dimensional rating system. We gain aspect ratings including food aspect rating, value aspect rating, service aspect rating, and atmosphere aspect rating and their corresponding overall restaurant rating from individual reviews and each restaurant. We build three econometric models to examine how overall rating is affected and found that the food aspect has a significant positive impact on the overall rating. Another interesting finding of our analysis is that the service aspect negatively affects the overall rating. This is explainable under the chain restaurant domain because when these restaurants share the standard menu, close price range, and other similar features, service becomes the most diverse aspect for restaurants under the same brand name. When receiving good service, customers would expect other aspects of this restaurant perceived are of the same quality as the service. However, this is hard to achieve because of the similar evaluation of other aspects from the same chain. Therefore, the overall rating would decrease. In addition, we understand and interpret the value aspect of the chain restaurants. Service, food, and atmosphere ratings influence the value aspect ratings significantly and positively.