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From our study, all three covid-19 vaccines have a similar proportion of adverse reaction reports in which the patient had a history of allergies. However, the proportion of life-threatening outcomes were lower for those with the Janssen vaccine (0.62% hospitalization rate for Janssen versus 2.59% for Pfizer and 0.60% death for Janssen versus 5.15% for Moderna). In terms of specific allergies, patients with *cillin or sulfa allergies had the most adverse reactions to covid-19 vaccines, however, Janssen again had the lowest percentage of reported deaths (1.39% for *cillin-related allergy deaths for Janssen versus 6.10% for Pfizer). In terms of patient age and gender, females has 2.9x the number of adverse reactions than males and a lower average age for reactions for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. We feel this data could be used by individuals and medical professionals to assist in choosing a vaccine to maximize patient safety based on their allergy history, age and gender.