Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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Using the case study of an Indian Technology and Outsourcing Service Provider, SmartKey (real but renamed company), a technology vendor to a global healthcare provider, this paper analyses offshore outsourcing issues using IT-enabled services to gain deeper insights needed to understand the core conflict and propose a well-reasoned solution approach. Reasoning, the conscious thought process leading to a well-justified decision, is an important managerial skill required for making dynamic decisions, resolving conflicts, and thereby developing human resources. This paper explores Goldratt’s Evaporating Clouds (ECs) as a systematic approach to reasoning in particular, and as a system for developing human resource in general. We show how Evaporating Clouds provided direction towards an acceptable solution to this case. We suggest that ECs can be used proactively as a springboard to ensure win/win solutions in various possible future interactions between the supply chain network partners. We conclude our paper by acknowledging the limitations of current research and provide future research directions.