Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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A national catastrophic cyber-attack is coming, just like the unpredictability of an earthquake. This exploratory research looks at the related demographics to the respond to such an attack. The responses used were Technology Optimism and Cyber Self-efficacy. The demographics studied were age, education level, surprise of the severity of an attack, gender, prior countermeasures awareness and devastation surprise. Technology Optimism and Cyber Self-efficacy showed a significant drop with the attack reading. This study’s outcomes failed to support the influence of age, gender, and prior countermeasures awareness to significant drops in Technology Optimism and Cyber Self-efficacy. Devastation surprise was significant only with decreased Cyber Self-efficacy. Education level was significant with both technological optimism and Cyber Self-efficacy. However, what is interesting is that the higher the education level, the less Technology Optimism and Cyber Self-efficacy decreased. The results of this study will help policy makers develop effective strategies to help individuals deal with such an attack psychologically.