Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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System success is considered to be an important element in accomplishing the goals of the organization; therefore evaluation of system success needs to be done in order to ensure that investment in Information System is successful. Most of Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) in Tanzania have adopted the use of IS in providing service to their customers. Nevertheless, there is less evidence that system success evaluation has been done in order to identify the desired characteristics which could make IS more effective. Due to that, this study evaluates the effectiveness of Student Information System (SIS) used at the Institute of Finance Management using DeLone and McLean’s Model. Convenience sampling technique was employed to select respondents from the Institute of Finance Management. A total of 391 complete and valid questionnaires were employed in data analysis. IBM SPSS software was used to analyze the hypothesized relationships between the variables. The findings show that system quality, information quality, service quality, system use and user satisfaction were the key desired characteristics in making SIS success. The study has provided implications to researchers and practitioners on how to improve the effectiveness of the IS used in Higher Learning Institutions based on the desired characteristics