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This paper is based on a Ph.D. study investigating the critical challenges facing e-commerce adoption by entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia, identifying the major driving factors, barriers, motivations, perceived advantages, potential problems and some practical solutions as well as future expectations from entrepreneurs’ perspectives. From the study findings, a set of practical recommendations were derived for the government, entrepreneurs and investors in Saudi Arabia to consider, to promote ecommerce entrepreneurship in the county.

The research was undertaken using a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques involved in-depth, semi-structured interviews, with (1) e-commerce entrepreneurs, and (2) government authorities, educational initiatives and private support institutions.

Data collected was thematically analyzed. The findings led to the identification of five significant factors that were found to influence e-commerce related entrepreneurial activities in Saudi Arabia, leading to both “necessity entrepreneurship” and “opportunity entrepreneurship”: 1) government and institutional funding and financing, 2) government and institutional education and training, 3) government policies and legislation, 4) infrastructure and 5) gender and the cultural environment.