Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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The skills related to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) were examined in this study within the context of eight communities with a high degree of vulnerability and diversity. The objectives of the study were: a) to conduct a diagnosis of thirteen competencies related to the use of ICT in eight Mayan-speaking communities in the state of Yucatan, Mexico, and b) to examine such variables as gender, marital status, and the education level of their parents. in relation to the degree of ICT among these youth.

The findings indicate that there are differences in the use of technology among the eight communities that participated in the study. Specifically, it was found that the greatest social inequality associates to the lowest performance in the thirteen skills related to ICT. Research also discovered that gender and the marital status of the subjects, as well as the schooling of their parents, related to the ICT competencies.

The findings of the study will add more values to ICT related research, especially in the socioeconomic status of the indigenous community and/or some of their personal backgrounds. It could also be used to design training strategies to overcome the most pressing needs of the subjects in the area of ICT.