Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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College enrollments and low to moderate household incomes are stagnating while tuition costs are increasing. The New York State Legislature enacted the nation’s first tuition-free degree program, the Excelsior Scholarship, designed to make a college education more affordable to middle class families. This legislation can impact what institution of higher education students will choose upon high school graduation. In order to understand the choice criteria for selecting an institution of higher education, a research study was conducted among a representative sample of high school upper classmen and parents of this respondent segment. The data collection and analysis were accomplished using an information management technology platform leveraging a statistical technique; “choice based conjoint analysis (CBC)”. This is a SaaS platform called Discover CBC. The platform is developed by Sawtooth Software, a leading technology provider in information management for complex problems, especially when understanding and predicting consumer choice is required. Key themes discovered in the research in terms of choice criteria for a college/university are relatively low cost but also the importance of college/university campus racial and ethnic diversity among parents and college bound high school students.