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The Residential Electricity Monitoring System is an electricity meter connected to the Internet to provide real time data on the power system in your home. The REMS is designed to replace the distribution board allowing it to conduct a series of tests on the quality of the electricity supply to your home/facility and, within your home detect basic wiring faults and allow owners and service providers to identify potential problems with the electrical systems.

The electrical monitoring system finally puts proper electrical control into the hands of the home owner by providing him with the ability to control power distribution within the home from anywhere in the world via sms, and to view analytical data over the web.

The R.E.M.S is capable of metering individual room power consumption, detecting voltage surges and tripping off voltage supply to the home, detecting high temperatures on distribution lines within the home, even detecting high temperatures at socket points, while tripping off affected lines or even the entire home.

The R.E.M.S is also capable of detecting electrical smoke and setting of the entire system and contacting emergency services via call and text messaging.

It is GPRS enabled giving it internet and sms functionalities, meaning it can receive commands via sms like “Switch off the kitchen”, send out emergency SOS alerts and warnings etc. Also, it can be monitored and controlled with an app over the internet. The E.M.S can detect simple electrical wiring faults, short circuiting, use of low current rated wires on high current distribution lines etc.