Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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The adoption of mobile technology has gained a serious attention in organizations and individuals. SMEs in the developing countries have hugely been relying on mobile phone technology in performing their activities. The main reasons for the popularity of mobile phones include their perceived low cost, less learning curve, mobility and its compatibility with the usage at the SMEs level as compared to the desktop computers. Despite existence on studies on adoption of mobile technology in different contexts, few of them have explicitly explored the way personal privacy can affect its acceptance to be used at the workplaces.

This study covers this gap by conducting a survey to assess whether or not personal privacy has an impact on the intention and usage of mobile phones among the employees of SMEs. The results show that personal privacy is influencing perceived usefulness of using mobile phones in the SMEs while it has no impact to the Behaviour intention to use. The discussions, implications, and suggestions for future work were also discussed