Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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In the last three decades, there has been considerable advancement in the design of information systems used in organizations. Information systems facilitate critical organizational activities like recording and processing of business transactions, analyzing complex and large sets of data and generating management and executive level reports. However, their adoption is generally fraught with challenges because of the negative attitude of employees to the impending change in their work life. Taking into account the enormous investment of cost, time and effort in information system implementation, it is imperative for organizations to recognize and influence employee attitude from the very beginning to secure returns on their investment in the long run. The key employee attitudes that can affect implementation are readiness, openness and commitment to change. Drawing on the theoretical and empirical literature on change management and information system, the paper examines the factors that influence employee attitudes to change, and explores the initiatives that organizations can take to influence them. By conducting investigation both at organizational and individual levels, it proposes a conceptual model indicating determinants of employee attitudes to change and role of organizational development interventions.