Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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Higher education in China has moved into a popularized and international stage, which makes the management of Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) challenging and sometimes problematic. However, research into its theory and practice is sparse and in demand. This paper explores how to approach complex problematic situations in LTA management with soft systems thinking, which embodies a phenomenological investigation, at the Business College of the Beijing Union University (BCBUU) China with our instantiation of Checkland’s FMA model of Research. Through this substantial study of seven years we made sense of and improved the problematic situation and one tangible result is the development of a new model for LTA management at BCBUU. We learn lessons through this study. It is found that action research grounded on soft systems thinking provides LTA managers with an innovative and fundamental approach to appreciate complex and ill-structured problem situations that they face. It is also proven that our particular instantiation of the general FMA model for research in the context of LTA management in a Chinese university college is practically effective and may be seen as substantiation of it.