Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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This research studies attitude and readiness of STEM majoring and success with

the data from a survey with a total of 501 viable responses, with respect to STEM

(science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related majors that are

essential and fundamental to skills relevant to big data business analytics.

Recruiting and keeping students in STEM areas have attracted a large body of

attention in pedagogical studies. An effective way of achieving such a goal is to

show them how rewarding and self-fulfilling STEM careers can be toward

perspective students. One example of the abundance of STEM careers is the rapid

growth of business analytics positions in the job market, which is a major

motivation of this study. Business analytics makes extensive use of data, including

data mining, statistical analysis, quantitative modeling, and explanatory and

predictive analytics, in order to help make actionable decisions and to improve

business operations. We found that there is a statistically significant correlation

between STEM interests and success factors of majoring in STEM, which is a

natural step forward to filling in the talent gap business analytics. Practical

implications are also discussed.