Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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Assessment is now at the center of the new business education zeitgeist. This focus is the direct result of feedback from the business community regarding the growing gap between their needs and graduates from many business schools. Recently this divide has fallen under even closer scrutiny because of increasing student debt and the growing controversy over return-on- investment. Today business leaders are looking for web-savvy, problem-solving graduates. To this end, AACSB and regional accrediting bodies are calling for the adoption of comprehensive collaborative learning strategies to better align graduates’ skill sets with the real needs of business. Crowdsourcing, which is the process of connecting students and faculty with a broad- based group of both internal and external resources, is receiving increased attention throughout the assessment community. Within this context, crowdsourcing broadens the resource pool and thus provides for improved quality assurance in terms of meaning, quality, integrity, accountability and transparency. The proposed crowdsourcing-based quality assurance strategy is illustrated using sample data from a recent MBA program assessment. This article also outlines how the crowdsourcing can be used to enhance student learning outcomes via specific implementation strategies.