Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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The issues, opportunities and challenges of effectively managing and governing an organization’s Information Technology (IT) demands, investments and resources has become a major concern of the Board and executive management in enterprises on a global basis. A rapidly growing number of organizations have become increasingly dependent on a broad array of technologies to manage and grow their businesses. IT is an integral part of most organizations today and will certainly become more critical in the future. This paper proposes a comprehensive and integrated IT governance framework and roadmap which identifies the appropriate current and emerging best practices methodologies for each of the major IT Governance components that must be addressed in any approach and is critical for companies to achieve more effective alignment and management of IT. The framework can serve as a guideline for any organization to select and customize the appropriate approach applicable to its environment, plans, priorities, capabilities and available resources. The findings and implications are based on extensive primary and secondary research and are grounded in a review of current and emerging industry and government best practices and select case studies of leading global and regional organizations based on the recently published book by the author entitled, “Implementing Effective IT Governance and IT Management,” published by Van Haren Publishers, 2015.