Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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Enterprise Systems (ES) is increasingly becoming the choice of IT platform for most large organizations in the world. As a result, the potential of such systems to create more business value is of key interest to both industry and academia. The aim of this study is to identify the key means of business value creation that Enterprise Systems can enable. The contribution of this paper is that it identifies and proposes four key means by which Enterprise Systems can create business value: (a) Operational Efficiency (b) Mergers and Acquisitions, (c) Innovation (in product and process), (d) Strategic Decision Making. This paper empirically tests and reports evidence of support for these propositions with empirical data from 100 success cases. This study paves way for further research to explore each of the four means to understand the mechanism of ‘how’ the value can be created along each of those four means. Also, another area of investigation is whether Enterprise Systems can enable business value creation through any other means, not mentioned in this paper.