Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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The healthcare sector has done significant investments in technology in order to improve their processes; however there is evidence showing that new technology is not optimally used in certain healthcare settings. In this paper we present a framework to analyse how digital self- service (DSS) can optimize processes and improve patient experience in a polyclinic context. The framework consists of five digital self-service types and seven patient's experience factors, both taken from literature and validated for experts. The framework aims to show the influence of DSS in patient’s experience. The results show a positive impact of self-service diagnosis, treatment and monitoring on the patient`s experience, as well as the positive impact of all the DSS in the patient`s experience factor “Information”. The framework also provides new ideas for further research. In general, this framework can be used by polyclinics and other healthcare institutions to 1) investigate possibilities to optimize processes and 2) identify, which DSS have positive impact on patient's experience.