Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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Google Inc. of the West and Xiaomi Inc. of the East are recognized as ‘flat organizations’. They exercise ‘flat management’ in their corporate culture, wherein mid-level management is abridged, leaving the corporate structure less-bureaucratic, top-down-and-less-hierarchical, and more laissez-faire. Using the Confucian criteria of Wu Yu, namely morality (or, virtue), intellectual (or, wisdom), physical ability (or, sportsmanship), groupism (or, cooperation), and aesthetics (or, elegance), this paper assesses managerial philosophy and corporate practice of Google and Xiaomi. It is found that under flat management, although each company nevertheless reveals its corporate idiosyncrasy, they achieve business success and sustainability through adopting small-team orientation, vision of integrating innovation with business, effective communication, work liberty and flexibility, working with best talents, and cultivating collegiate workplace, of which these administrative components may suggest new managerial standards to modern corporate management.