Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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With a growing number of households turning towards the Internet and the world of e-commerce to shop, invest, make payments, and do online banking, it is crucial for online businesses to understand why some consumers prefer online shopping and some prefer shopping at a physical store. It is also important to investigate further whether their shopping preference is influenced by culture. This study aims at comparing the shopping preference between the consumers in the U.S. and in Taiwan. Three hundred and seventy-two (372) Americans and three hundred twenty- six (326) Taiwanese participated in this study. Five factors of shopping perception, including perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, past online shopping experience, perceived security, and perceived uncertainty, were measured and compared between the two groups. The research findings may be used by online businesses to help recognize the factors that influence shopping preference of these two nationalities. The results should help online businesses gain an understanding of these factors and thus direct their efforts to develop features that satisfy the needs of their target customers and alter their business model to promote factors that have a positive influence on consumer adoption of online shopping.