Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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Is there a need for a new “asset” type? What are “digital materials?” Can digital materials be designated as “Digital Assets?” What is the driven source of the “Digital Asset?” Is the “Digital Asset” concept mature enough to be defined as a new asset type? For example, under what name or ownership should we regard all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), online photo albums(Flickr, Picasa etc.), blogs, domain names, websites, email accounts, smart phones or any information stored in the cloud or computers? In reality, digital images, photos, documents, audio and video files should be considered “assets” because they are real and contains monetary and personal values. In addition, what will happen to these “Digital Assets” after death? Does the “Digital Society” or “Cyber Citizenry” need better cyber law and regulations particularly related to the “Digital Assets” concept? Today, the concept of Digital Asset is real. However, it is not effectively defined and regulated by law and better regulation is necessary in order to protect people’s “Digital Assets” and rights. Similar to other asset types, people should be able to legally keep, transfer, use, sell or inherit “Digital Assets.” This study examined and elaborated on the “Digital Asset” concept and defined it as a new asset type titled “Digital Asset.”