Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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In very recent times new tools and technologies for peer-to-peer collaboration and coordination became easily and readily available taking knowledge creation processes outside of the organizational boundaries. This paper proposes to extend the existing boundaries of Business Process Management (BPM) to include an emerging category of processes; here termed Global Knowledge-Intensive Business Processes (GKIBP). These processes differ from other global processes, such as supply chains and collaborative cross-organizational business processes (BPs), as their main outcome is a commercial knowledge artifact, co-created trough coordinated activities of knowledge agents, that may or may not come from an organizational setting. Drawing from, and combining the state-of-the art research findings from three disciplines: i) BPM (ii) Global Digital Collaboration and more recently (iii) Crowdsourcing and Collective Intelligence processes, this research aims to investigate the main characteristics of these processes through an exploratory case study. Our findings are then placed in the context of the current developments in BPM field, in particular the frameworks used to inform and guide BP Management today, demonstrating a need for their extension.