Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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This paper reports a study into the relationship between the configuration of the process of Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) and the success of SISP. SISP is an important activity in the alignment of information technology systems and services to business requirements. However, despite the obvious importance of a proper planning of information technology and information systems in organizations, success of SISP is not evident. And as the success of SISP is also influenced by the process followed in developing the SISP, the research question for this study was, “How does the configuration of the SISP process influence the success of the SISP?” Based on an explorative multi case study, we concluded that the specificity and comprehensiveness of strategies, goals and decisions in an organization has a positive effect on the success of SISP. Another conclusion was that a more dominant role of the IS/IT organization in the SISP process influences the quality of the SISP deliverable positively, but has a negative effect on the building of partnership between business and IT in the organization. A final conclusion was that following a formal SISP methodology does not seem to have an effect on the success of SISP. These findings provide guidance for practitioners that plan to develop an SISP as part of their efforts to align business and IT.