Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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The notion of sharing information has become a critical element in competitive advantage for mobile phone companies. The purpose of this particular research is to collate, compare and prioritize gender differences in the determinants of sharing information via mobile phones. The content analysis and the analytic hierarchy process methods were made use of to collect and examine relevant data. According to the findings of this research, the determinants of information sharing via mobile phones may be arranged into four fundamental categories. The categories, in order of significant, are: situational factors (including time pressures, convenience, and price discounts), the unique characteristics of mobile phone senders (including personality, emotion, and verbal capability), informational factors (including private information, important information and interesting information), and mobile phone receivers (including personality, emotion, and verbal capability). There is no singular gender difference in the first two factors (situational factors and mobile phone senders). The results gauge and assess the determinants of information sharing by the way of mobile phones.