Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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Enterprise systems need reliable, flexible and secure means for making public and confidential information available to users in a secured and trusted manner. Although enterprise systems have variety of choice to authenticate these users, organizations face significant issues when granting access and providing a manageable structure for valuable access control. Logon functionalities such as user name and password algorithm have been used to grant authentication and authorization into enterprise systems network resources. Since most systems clients prefer the ease of using passwords, and since passwords are easily compromised, the urgency for a stronger authentication process becomes paramount. This study performed an internal evaluation of enterprise systems such as rating the effectiveness of a security platform as well as an external evaluation; i.e., analyzing how a security system is been rated by external entities. The study will examine correlations between system security best practices and reported or observed outcomes. The study concluded by evaluating the use of added protective layers to the two or multi-factor authentication security system.