Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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Team structures are changing under the pressures of e-commerce and globalization. Today teams have to manage the challenges of working across functional boundaries, such as marketing and web development. In such an environment, research in the disciplines of management and psychology have found that shared leadership among team members may be superior to traditional leadership by a single team member, but this notion has not been tested in the contexts of marketing and web development. This paper presents the results of an empirical study showing that teams with shared leadership exhibited better performance and greater member satisfaction than teams with clear leaders. In addition, no relationship was found between the education, experience, Internet self-efficacy, or personal style of leaders and team outcomes of structure, performance, or satisfaction. This research suggests that the superiority of shared leadership found in the areas of management and psychology is applicable to teams in technical areas, such as web development and marketing. The reported study confirms previous research and applies it in an under-research context, marketing web page development.